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filming locations

on-location Most outside scenes and a few interiors were filmed in and around West London, near the BBC Studios.

For instance, the Jenkins flat for all three series was in Lydford Estate, in Maida Hill near Paddington.

Tommy's family lived nearby in Trellick Tower, a massive tower block of council flats in North Kensington.

Allison's family lived in Acton, at or very near #22 Sundew Avenue.

The skate park featured in series 1 was in Meanwhile Gardens.

The canal Tommy drove Tucker's motorbike into was the Grand Union Canal.

The Jobcentre was the actual Jobcentre at Harlesden House, 161-163 High Street, Brent Park.

The record shop in series 1 was at or very near 1 King Street in Hammersmith. The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith is quite visible in the background on some shots.

The Odeon movie theatre was in Ealing, on Uxbridge Road.

The motorcycle shop in episode 2 (series 1) that Tucker peers longingly into until he's pulled away by Alan and Tommy was in Ealing, on Wells House Road.

The building site used in series 2 was in Wandsworth.

Other locations used included Harlesden and Shepherd's Bush.

The Harrow Leisure Centre on Christchurch Road showed up as the Farrow Leisure Centre in series 3.

In series 3, Natalia's school was "St. Mary's College of Higher Education," which was played by Ealing College of Higher Education on St. Mary's Road. You can read the name of the college in the opening credits.

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Tucker's world today

the jenkins flat now Here are two views of Tucker's housing estate in August 2010. The Jenkins flat was in fact the caretaker's, at #22 Drayford Close. It's the one with the light brown door. Photos and information from Kevin R, who lived in the estate as a child and occasionally watched filming!

Appearances are little changed. One almost expects to see Tucker mucking about with his motorcycle!

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the watson flat now Tommy's tower block in Series 1 was the brutally modernist Trellick Tower, 5 Golborne Road. These photos appear to have been taken in the mid-2000s, dated by what looks like a silver second series Renault Megane in the first photo. Both images by photoeverywhere.co.uk.

The flats remain 90% social housing, with 10% privately owned.

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natalia's school now Natalia's school was in fact the Ealing College of Higher Education, which became the Thames Valley University Ealing campus. This public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons was taken in May 2010, a few months prior to yet another name change, to The University of West London.

The ground floor facade has changed, but those are the same steps featured in the opening credits of series 3.

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