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When I went searching for information about Tucker's Luck I found very little. That's why I built this website. Anyways, here are a few informative links that I did find either useful or interesting.

Information from the BBC about Tucker's Luck:
BBC I Love 1984 - TV

A 2-1/2 minute video clip, also from the BBC, featuring Phil Redmond, Todd Carty, and George Armstrong, talking about Tucker's Luck. The clip also contains the first series opening theme, and bits of scenes from some episodes, including the first and last:
BBC interview

Two video clips (via YouTube) from March 1983 featuring Todd Carty, Paul McCarthy and George Armstrong, talking to presenter Mike Read on Saturday Superstore about the transition from Grange Hill to Tucker's Luck and taking calls from viewers. The segments also contains a few snips of scenes from Grange Hill and Tucker's Luck:
Saturday Superstore interview part 1 (6-1/2 minutes)
Saturday Superstore interview part 1 (5-3/4 minutes)
Surprising tidbit: The person Todd Carty most wanted to meet was Pope John Paul.

The third series Tucker's Luck opening title sequence, from the BBC:
Tucker's Luck opening title sequence

The character of Tucker Jenkins has its roots in long-running television series Grange Hill:
Grange Hill Online
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the 1980s

1980s politics and its effects on pop music, a podcast from Loose Goose (Todd Carty and Tucker's Luck is discussed briefly from 40:50 to about 44:00):
Podcast: Loose Goose 1980s Political Pop.

An historical perspective on Britain in the 1980s, from the BBC:
Britain in the 1980s

BBC readers' memories of the 1980s:
BBC readers' memories of finding a job in the 1980s
BBC readers' memories of 1980s music and fashion
More BBC readers' memories 1980s music and fashion
BBC readers' memories of growing up in the 1980s
More BBC readers' memories of growing up in the 1980s
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Smashing Time features Paul McCarthy (Tommy Watson) on vocals. Smashing Time's CD, "Make Some Noise," kicks! It's danceable, drummable, crank-it-up-able, irrepressible, shake-your-hips-able:
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