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series 2 - 1984
Tucker's Luck title card, series 2. After the previous "Valentine" title card, the leather background and studs were presumably intended to project a tougher image.

Tucker Jenkins, circa 1984.

Alan Humphries.

Tommy Watson with straight hair, moving up with Bamford.

Creamy, just off the streets. Then playing lead guitar and singing, and all dressed up.


Junior, art school model, van owner, and aging hippie.

Tucker, Alan, and Creamy.

Junior, Ade, Sarah, and Creamy, all crammed into the cab of Junior's clapped-out van.

Passmore, trying to get on the straight and narrow.

In one of the stranger turnabouts, Passmore joins Tucker's circle of friends in Series 2. jump to top


Roy, one of Bamford's henchman.

Mr. Grayson, owner of "Rocket Relay."

"Hacking Jack," the construction site foreman. jump to top


Susan. jump to top

Lisa. jump to top

Mrs. Jenkins.

Alan's Uncle Vic. jump to top

Out the back of the Jenkins flat, you cross this grassy area ... to a weedy, littered embankment.

Two views of the Jenkins kitchen.

Tucker's bedroom

Alan Humphries' front room.

Where Creamy's parents live (it's the one with a skip in front).

Creamy's loft/squat.

Sarah and Susan working at the cafe.

The lavish offices of Rocket Relay.

Out and about. jump to top

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