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series 1 - 1983
Tucker's Luck title card, series 1. Doesn't this just look like 1983?

Tucker Jenkins, a man of many looks.

Alan Humphries, looking dejected. As usual.

Tommy Watson, preening, as usual. Then, covered in paint and raw sewage.

The trio, Tucker, Alan, and Tommy, out and about. First, in the dole queue, then wandering the streets, then in a bus ...

... and then at the Jobcentre. jump to top

Passmore with Brains, Passmore looking vicious.

Tucker and Co. face off against Passmore in the dole office.

Passmore vs. Tucker, Rounds 1, 2, and 3. What I find interesting about the picture on the far right, is that it looks like Tucker is wearing some sort of calculator or data bank watch! jump to top


Michelle. jump to top

Mrs. Jenkins.

Mr. Humphries. jump to top

The Jenkins council estate in Northwest London, the first shot being a rare reverse angle showing Tommy approaching from an alley.

The Jenkins entry hall, which leads back to the kitchen.

The Humphries dining room and yard.

Mr. Powell's driving instruction car.

The dole office, Jobcentre, a chip shop and skate park. jump to top

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