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tucker's luck episode guide, series 1 (1983)

spoiler alert! This episode guide contains key plot developments, both for individual episodes of Tucker's Luck and the overall series storyline. Such plot giveaways are commonly known as "spoilers." So, if you don't want to know what happens, read no further!

tucker's luck series 1 opening credits The wonderfully upbeat theme music by Alan Hawkshaw accompanies stop-motion scenes from Tucker Jenkins' day-to-day life in dreary black and white with splashes of color, interspersed with diagonal wipes of the Tucker's Luck typescript against a red heart. Scenes include Tucker, Alan, and Tommy hanging out, signing on for the dole, official paperwork, looking for work, and checking their pockets to see if they have enough money for lunch at a fish and chip shop before following two girls who chance to walk by.

episode 1 In which we're introduced to Tucker Jenkins and his world. The Jenkins family has moved since his Grange Hill schooldays, and Benny Green is nowhere to be seen, but Alan Humphries and Tommy Watson are present and accounted for. We're also introduced to a frightening new bully: Passmore.

Peter "Tucker" Jenkins is awakened by his mother at 10:00. He has a hangover, and is briskly reminded of his appointment with the Department of Social Services to sign on for the dole. His mother finds his leather jacket covered in vomit, and Tucker explains that his friend Tommy was "taken ill" at the dance party last night. His mother leaves tea and some money on the kitchen table, which is sufficient motivation for Tucker to go downstairs. She reminds him that she expects repayment, plus he has to pay to have his jacket cleaned, and what's left has to last him until his next dole cheque.

Later, as Tucker heads out to Tommy's place, we see the council estate in which he lives, a low-rise warren of red-brick buildings in which identical part-glass front doors open onto a shared concrete walkway with steps down to a parking area. As Tucker leaves, Tommy comes around the corner. Tommy bangs on the Jenkins' front door, but no one is home. Tucker goes to Tommy's flat, in a gray-beige tower block, but he's not there. So, Tucker goes to Alan's house, where Alan's father, a building contractor, is just leaving in a lorry. Alan is just getting up.

While Tucker and Alan bemoan their situation over breakfast - unemployed and all but unemployable, ill-prepared by school for life in the real world - Tommy encounters Allison and walks her home, carrying one of her shopping bags. She's upset with him for leaving her at the party last night. Tommy explains that he was taken ill, and she softens a bit, telling him that she had even saved the last dance for him. Passmore comes on the scene, though, accompanied by Brains, one of his gang. They chase Tommy away. Tommy escapes on a bus, still carrying Allison's shopping bag, then throws up again.

Tommy arrives at Alan's house, out of breath. He insists that he's just "keeping in shape." Tucker idly goes through the shopping bag and pulls out a box of tampons. "You started, then?" he asks Tommy. Tommy grabs the box away, angrily claiming that they're for his sister. Meanwhile, Alan has pulled a bra out of the bag. Fed up with their teasing, Tommy suggests that they get a move on, and the three go off together to sign on. En route, Tucker and Tommy spar over who should pay for cleaning Tucker's leather jacket.

Michelle and Mandy are signing on, in another queue, and Michelle smiles at Tucker as they walk out the door; they've obviously noticed each other before. Still queued up, Tucker asks Alan how things are going with Susi, but Alan gloomily replies that since she's gone on in school she doesn't want to know him.

Later, Michelle and Mandy discuss what they want in a man; Mandy seems to think it's all about money but Michelle is holding out for a fairy tale ending. Mandy chats up a man in the Jobcentre, only to learn that he already has a girlfriend.

Back at the dole office, Tucker has missed his signing-on time, and the dole office worker at the counter steadfastly refuses to open his box to pay out, saying that Tucker must see a supervisor. And, his gyro might be delayed too if the supervisor decides he's entitled to it.

Alan and Tommy leave Tucker to sort it out alone, each going off on their own. Alan watches the school where his former girlfriend, Susi, is attending class, but mistakes someone else for her. His father calls him over to help with the shopping, and they leave in an older Rover P5 sedan.

Meanwhile, Tommy goes to return Allison's shopping to her. He lurks until her dad leaves in his driving instruction car, then knocks on the door, but no one is home. So, he settles down to wait on the steps, and there he is when Passmore and Brains arrive. "You just don't learn, do you?" Passmore growls, and Tommy takes off over fences with Passmore and Brains in hot pursuit.

The chase takes them directly past Alan, idly browsing through a rack of shirts, and he takes the opportunity to trip up Brains. As Brains flies into a rack of clothes, Alan sets off in pursuit. This running parade passes Tucker, who joins in the chase. Passmore catches Tommy, hurling him into a fruit and veg stall before Tucker shoves him from behind into a pile of boxes. Tucker and Alan pick Tommy up off the ground, but Passmore quickly gets out from under the boxes and Brains is on the scene again. Our heroes flee, rolling grocery carts behind them which Passmore and Brains have to dodge. They run up some steps, pausing to roll down two trash cans as obstacles. Mr. Humphries is waiting by his Rover, making for a narrow escape.

Passmore glares after the retreating Rover, looks at Brains and says, in a weird foreshadowing of Victor Meldrew, "I don't believe it."

In the safety of the car, Mr. Humphries lectures Tucker, Alan, and Tommy on the need to find jobs to keep them out of mischief.

While Mr. Humphries takes the groceries in, Tucker, Tommy, and Alan loiter by the car, wondering what to do next. Tucker suggests that they've earned a drink, after which they can take his jacket to the cleaner's.

Just one thing remains unresolved: Allison's shopping bag, which Tommy still has. "What should I do with this?" he asks.

Tucker turns. "Post it," he replies with a grin. jump to top

episode 2 It is morning. Alan's dad is chiding him over his huge appetite for food and lack of interest in work. He suggests Alan join him in the construction yard, saying he would learn a trade, but Alan turns his offer down as "cheap labour."

On the way to signing on, Tommy and Alan pull Tucker away from gazing wishfully at a line-up of motorcycles in a shop window. In the queue at the dole office, they meet Michelle and Mandy and Tucker makes the introductions.

Later, at a skate park, they watch a roller skater doing tricks and reminisce about old times, when they practically owned that turf. Tommy and Tucker playfully grapple with each other, when Allison walks by. Tommy asks her out, and she gives him a maybe. Tucker, Tommy, and Alan are delighted to learn Passmore's first name: Ralph!

At the Jobcentre with Alan and Tommy, Tucker takes up the challenge of landing a job chosen at random. It happens to be at an architect's office, so he carefully gets bathed, shaved, and all dressed up in an ill-fitting suit and tie. With Alan and Tommy, he rehearses his pitch, which includes a brief statement about the role of architecture in society and a critique of tower blocks. Tommy, reviewing his racing form, mistakenly thinks it was Christopher Robin who designed St. Paul's Cathedral ("Robin, Wren, I knew it was a little bird of some sort"), and scampers off to the betting shop to place money on a horse.

Alan accompanies Tucker to the office building, helping Tucker refine his pitch. Tucker goes in to interview, only to find that the job had been filled last week. Angry and hurt, he returns to the Jobcentre and chews out the job counselor, who tries to pass the blame on to the company for not notifying him that the position had been filled.

Meanwhile, Allison has gone to meet Passmore in a cafe. He asks her out, and we see softer side of him, but he turns hard and rude when Brains comes in and sits down in the booth. As a result, she turns him down.

In the end, all of Tucker's preparations are not a total loss: on the bus back home they encounter Michelle and Mandy. Michelle asks Tucker out; then Allison gets on the bus and asks Tommy out. That leaves Alan rolling his eyes, dateless. jump to top

episode 3 It is 9:30 in the morning. Mrs. Jenkins is just leaving the flat when Alan and Tommy arrive to roust Tucker out of bed. They have a job lined up with Alan's dad. It's strictly cash-in-hand, and "pocket money," as anything more would jeopardize their fortnightly cheques from the dole.

Mr. Humphries leaves Alan in charge of the project: clearing out and painting a shop space. They set to work, lugging out rubbish and loading it into the back of Mr. Jenkins' lorry. Passmore comes on the scene and has words with Tucker; things almost come to blows but Mr. Jenkins calls Tucker in for his tea break. Tucker, Alan, and Tommy go to a chip shop where they get their order takeaway then sit at one of the tables. Tommy demonstrates pulling birds, and offers to teach Alan. They are moved on by a waiter, who tells them they have to pay the VAT or they can't sit at a table.

In a record store, Tommy prompts Alan in chatting up two girls, an embarrassing scene which is witnessed by Susi, much to Alan's horror.

Meanwhile, having found the door unlocked (!), Passmore and Brains trash the store where Tucker, Alan, and Tommy have been working. Tommy returns at the wrong time; Brains grabs him and hurls him against a wall and Passmore unloads an entire bucket of paint in Tommy's face. After which, they leave, cheerily. When Mr. Humphries arrives, he chews out Tommy and Tucker and especially Alan, saying they won't get paid until the job is completed.

Tucker, Alan, and Tommy head out to get Passmore, staking out his hangout from a cafe across the street, the idea being to get him alone, or at least without his entire gang. They trail him to a flat in a gray tower block, where he goes in alone. Tucker sends Alan to block Passmore's escape route, and he and Tommy wait for Passmore to come back out.

Passmore emerges from the flat with Allison and Michelle on his arms. Tucker and Tommy confront him; he runs away, knocking Alan aside. Then, they confront the girls. Tommy is indignant that Allison is with Passmore, and Tucker is disappointed to find Michelle there as well. Giggling, Michelle winds him up before revealing that Passmore is her bruvva. jump to top

episode 4 Tucker joins Alan and Tommy working on fixing up the shop. He's late because he's been looking at the newspaper job listings. Alan and Tommy disparage Tucker's efforts to find work. Tommy flirts through the window with a meter maid, who turns away with a smirk. The moment Mr. Humphries walks in, they all jump to work, whistling.

Tucker, Michelle, Tommy, and Allison go together to the call boxes. Tucker and Michelle both call for posted jobs; Michelle gets an interview right away, but Tucker is told that the job he's calling about has already been filled. He's skint, so Allison joins him in the call box and puts a coin into the phone for him. He calls another posting, and strikes out there, too. However, Allison seems to be happy jammed into the box with him.

Later, at Tommy's house, Allison is studying for her O-levels. Tommy's younger sister, Debbie is sent to bed, as Tommy wants to watch a film on television. Allison's not interested in the movie, and instead turns her attention to encouraging Tucker in his job search, suggesting that they go look at the cards posted on the window of the news agent's. He reluctantly agrees, and they go off together. Michelle almost immediately makes a move on Tommy.

At the news agent's, Allison points out a possible job: a night porter, three nights a week, and it's close by. Tucker agrees to go, and Allison tells him to wear his suit, so he does. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the job location, it's boarded up with weeds growing tall around an estate agent's sign in front. They head back, having a serious discussion about relationships and the future.

Allison tells Tucker that Tommy is more her type than Passmore, and that she plans to go into nursing when she completes her O-levels. The chemistry is definitely perking, though, and at the door of the Watson's, Allison and Tucker kiss.

Meanwhile, inside, the lights are dimmed and Michelle and Tommy are making out. When the doorbell rings, they scramble to pull themselves back together, turn the lights back on, and pretend that nothing was going on. (After all, Michelle is supposed to be with Tucker, and Allison is supposed to be with Tommy!)

The next day, Tucker, Tommy, and Alan are painting the shop. Things are looking pretty good there now. The conversation turns to pulling birds, and Tommy drivels on about his ability to turn women on. When the meter maid walks by, Tommy yells out to her and she smiles back at him. Tucker, upset by the conversation, leaves, saying he's going to the Jobcentre.

He goes, instead, to see Allison at school, and asks her out to lunch but she resists.

Tucker accompanies Michelle to her interview, using a call box outside to follow up on another job listing. They both strike out, and are in foul moods. Tucker stops at the Jobcentre, but Michelle goes off, she says, to take care of her mother.

When Tucker arrives back at the shop, Alan is there alone. (Hmm, Tommy's gone, Michelle's gone, but the penny doesn't drop.) Tucker asks Alan a hypothetical question about sticking by your mate or going for a girl, but Alan's no help.

Later, Tucker lurks by the school to talk to Allison, and they take a walk and flirt. However, some other girls from school see them kissing on the park bench.

Later, they arrive at the Watson's, bearing beer. There, Debbie catches Tucker and Allison kissing in the kitchen, and Tommy and Michelle kissing in the sitting room.

In the sitting room, they get sorted back into "proper" couples and sit awkwardly, each trying to screw up the courage to say something. After a few agonizing minutes of this, Debbie rolls her eyes and lays it out for them, since they're too dense to suss it out for themselves, and says she wishes they would get themselves sorted so she can go on with her studying.

Tucker and Tommy angrily shout at each other, until the girls intercede, seeming happy to swap partners.

"All change?" says Allison.

"All change," says Michelle.

There's a pause. "I'll drink to that," says Tommy.

Tucker looks dubious. Finally, he raises his glass. "Cheers," he says. jump to top

episode 5 Tucker goes to see Allison, but her father, washing his driving school car ("Drive-Ezy") in the street, tells him that she's already left for school. She hasn't, of course, and Tucker knows it. He waits for her a few blocks away and spots her, but she gets on a bus. He runs after it, but can't catch it. She shouts to him out the back of the bus about seeing him later.

Tommy has a bloody nose from Passmore, and warns Tucker that Passmore is after him (Tucker) for going out with his (Passmore's) ex-girlfriend (Allison).

Tucker, Alan, and Tommy start working in Mr. Humphries' construction yard, still off the books and cash-in-hand. As Alan is still half-asleep and Tommy is still bloody, Tucker gets sent off to the shops to buy supplies for Mr. Humphries' next job. On the way back to the yard he encounters Passmore and Brains; Passmore kicks a football at the fence by Tucker's head to get his attention. He threatens Tucker for taking Allison away from him, but he's sure he'll get her back. After all, he says, "once you've been with a man, it's hard to go back to a little kid." Tucker says "Which man is this, then?" Passmore has Allison's name tattooed on his arm (oddly, spelled "Alison") and insists that he and Allison are meant to go together. Safely separated by the tall chain link fence, Tucker taunts them and saunters off with his bag of parts.

Alan gets bad news from Susi; she's going out with Steve now. Broken-hearted, he sulks around, depressed.

Mr. Powell's driving student nearly hits Tucker walking with Allison, Tommy, and Michelle to a nearby park for a mack-out session. Alan walks by, sullen, and goes to the yard alone.

As Tucker and Tommy return to the yard, Mr. Humphries asks them to try to cheer up Alan. Tommy suggests that Tucker throw a party for him and set him up with a girl. As his mum is going away for a night, Tucker reluctantly agrees, although Alan isn't keen.

Later, Allison suggests her cousin, Anthea, as Alan's date, and Tucker agrees. Tucker and Allison tell Alan about Anthea, and Alan warms to the idea of the party. They worry about her reaction to him, since Alan is "not exactly Burt Reynolds." Allison takes Tucker to meet Anthea at the bread shop where she works; he spots her through the window and decides she's a dog. Now they worry about Alan's reaction to her. Alan, however, is all dressed up and excited. At the dole office, they encounter and wind up Passmore, who responds with additional threats.

As soon as Mrs. Jenkins leaves, the party begins. And, of course, Anthea turns out to be a real looker. Tommy says to Tucker "You need your eyes tested!" jump to top

episode 6 It's the morning after the party, and the Jenkins flat is in a right state.

Allison and Michelle chat in the kitchen; Michelle is still hung over. Tucker and Allison, however, barely had time to drink at all. Allison is all aglow over how wonderful Tucker is.

Tucker awakens to the realization that his mum is returning today and the flat must be cleaned from top to bottom. Alan returns, and soon everyone is pitching in to clean up, working around a vaguely threatening but silent gatecrasher who makes himself quite at home and Mr. McPhee, the next-door neighbor, who is upset about having been kept awake by the noise of the party.

Graffiti is discovered spray-painted on the living room wall: "ARSENAL ARE MAGIC." Leaving the girls to clean the flat (!), Tucker, Alan, and Tommy go to Mr. Humphries seeking replacement wallpaper. However, they're broke after the party (didn't they just pick up their dole cheques?) and the paper itself was discontinued years ago. Mr. Humphries reluctantly lends Tucker an advance against his wages next week, exacting a promise from Tucker to work harder, and reminding Alan about having tea with his grandmum.

Tucker, Alan, and Tommy run all over town, eventually finding the last two rolls in a clearance bin. They have difficulty hanging the wallpaper until Mr. Humphries arrives to retrieve Alan. He chides them more before joining in to help hang the wallpaper, and work proceeds with professional competence. Mr. Humphries leaves, and the gang realizes they're coming up a just a bit short of wallpaper. Tucker runs back to the shop and takes the wallpaper from the sample book, which makes just enough to finish the job.

Just then, Tucker's mum arrives home. She talks to Mr. McPhee, who inexplicably doesn't rat out Tucker, and the party crasher has, just as inexplicably, vanished. Mrs. Jenkins puts everyone to work rearranging the living room furniture before deciding that a whole new look is in order. All the wallpaper needs replacing, and Tucker can start on that tomorrow. jump to top

episode 7 Tucker, Alan, and Tommy are hard at work in Mr. Humphries' construction yard, loading up the truck to go to a job site. Tucker is excited about getting his provisional driving license, taking him one step closer to owning a motorbike. Mr. Humphries and Alan are evasive about the job today.

They drive to a posh house, where the job is a clogged drain. Mr. Humphries orders Tucker, Alan, and Tommy to start bailing out what appears to be a cesspool. Tucker asks Alan if he thinks his dad would lend him 60 quid for a motorbike. Alan is doubtful. Tucker's still rabbiting on about his motorbike, so the others take the piss out of him by talking about all the places he can go in his motorbike: the dole office, the Jobcentre, the fish and chip shop ...

At home for supper, Tucker asks his mum for a loan of 60 quid, which he promises to pay back. "A motorbike?" Mrs. Jenkins exclaims. "Do you think I'm raving mad?" Tucker plays the guilt card, saying that she let his older brother Barry have one, to no avail.

The next day, at the job site, the drain seems cleared out, but the water's still not draining. Tucker is in the bathroom monitoring the water level in the bathtub; Alan and Mr. Humphries are down by the boghole working the rod; Tommy is up a ladder watching for the rod through an open fitting in the line. Mr. Humphries says it might be a methane bubble (as he steps back to light a ciggie - not a smart thing to do when there's methane involved, I think), and shouts to Tommy to make sure the cap is screwed in tight. Tommy doesn't hear, so when the drain suddenly clears, a massive surge of sewer line muck spurts out the pipe into Tommy's face. From the bathroom, Tucker reports that the bathtub is draining.

As they load up the truck to leave, Tucker and Tommy gripe to Alan about his father, saying that they hope their pay will reflect the hard work they've put in. Tucker pauses to yank a handful of yellow flowers from a pot in the front yard.

He gives the flowers to his mum, and again asks to borrow some money for a motorbike. Mrs. Jenkins refuses. So, Tucker goes to see Merv, who sold Barry his motorbike. He has a "genuine vintage motor," aka a smoking heap, for which he's asking 85 quid. He agrees to accept 70, though, seeing as Tucker is Barry's kid brother. They take a test run through the streets, a high-speed tour past run-down council estates, vacant lots, boarded-up shop rows, and seemingly abandoned warehouses. Tucker is thrilled, and returns home to put the squeeze on his mum. He plays the guilt card again, reminding her that she helped Barry buy his first motorbike, and she relents.

The next morning, Tucker proudly rides his motorbike to the yard, his L card flapping on the fender behind him. Alan and Tommy are both surprised and dubious, and Mr. Humphries is dismissive. Tucker and Mr. Humphries leave in the truck on an errand to get cement, leaving in the yard Alan ... and Tommy ... and the motorbike. With the key in it, no less. Against Alan's advice, Tommy hops on the motorbike, puts on a helmet, and goes for a ride. He's riding happily along a canal when Mr. Humphries, driving by, points out the dilapidated bike to Tucker, saying it's just like his. Tucker realizes it is his, and shouts at Tommy from the truck. Tommy, startled, turns his head and nearly runs over a fisherman before falling into the canal, motorbike and all.

Tucker grapples with Tommy and the two nearly fight, each furiously blaming the other. Mr. Humphries separates them and focuses their attention on getting the motorbike out of the canal. He helps them winch it out, telling them to hold it up by the front fork to let the water drain out the exhaust. Tucker is discouraged, and glumly says its ruined, but Mr. Humphries is paternally optimistic. He explains how to get it back in running order: take the plugs out and clean them, drain the oil, dry the carb and electrics, and "she'll be right as rain."

At Tucker's hopeful look, he clarifies sternly: "But not on my time, of course."

Payday comes, and Tucker feels he deserves more money than he received, given the hard work they'd put in on the drain. Tucker and Tommy push Alan to speak to his dad about paying them more. He does, and Mr. Humphries strolls out of the construction yard office to face them. Tucker points out that he has a motorbike to pay for now (entitled, isn't he?), but Mr. Humphries is unmoved. So, no more pay. They part, Tommy to meet Michelle for a burger, Tucker to fix his bike in order to pick up Allison to go to the cinema, and Alan to wander around alone presumably.

Tucker goes to the Powell's, but Allison's mum tells him that she went on ahead to the cinema. Passmore shows up, and after an odd bit of dialog in which Passmore says "I'm a Leo, and a Leo has to act his own way," and Tucker replies "You're a head case," Passmore shoves Tucker and his bike over. Mrs. Powell peers through the curtains at the commotion, and Passmore slinks off. Tucker gets up and rides his motorbike on the sidewalk seemingly in an effort to run Passmore down. Passmore flees, with Tucker gunning his motorbike in hot pursuit. Tucker nearly hits a woman pedestrian and causes Mr. Powell in his driving instruction car to sideswipe a parked car, before skidding over in the street. Mr. Powell runs over to check on him, and upon finding that it's Tucker reads him the riot act. Tucker just lays there, looking glum, while Passmore trots off with a happy smile.

Allison is waiting by the cinema for Tucker (they're going to see 2001). Passmore shows up, and she says she's waiting for a school friend. He chats her up, showing a gentler side and a sense of humor, warning her that it's not a good area and she could be mugged by someone in a leather vest and a porkpie hat (which is how he dresses). He asks her if she studies the stars, and comments that she might as well since it's getting late and the friend she's supposed to meet hasn't shown yet. Allison inquires about how Brains' court case went, and Passmore says that he got off with a fine: £100. Alan spots them, and goes over to ask about Tucker's whereabouts. Passmore realizes - or pretends to realize - that she's waiting for Tucker. He suggests that Tucker is just a kid, unreliable, and asks her out to a pub. She agrees, and they walk off pub-bound.

Immediately after, Tucker comes sputtering up to the cinema on his motorbike, which looks none the worse for having been drowned in a canal and skidded across the blacktop. Of course, it was rough looking to begin with. Anyway, Allison's not there, and Tucker returns home, where Mrs. Jenkins asks him if he's careful on the bike. Tucker assures her that of course he is, but when she leaves he breathes a big sigh of relief. jump to top

episode 8 Tommy is walking to Alan's when he suddenly spots a tall fellow wearing a leather vest and porkpie hat. Passmore! He hides, only to have the man notice him - it isn't Passmore. "You okay, mate?" the man asks him, visibly worried that Tommy is drunk or crazy or both. Tommy's shaky reassurances confirm his suspicions and he walks off, shaking his head. At Alan's house, Tommy winds Tucker up about being given the boot by Allison; Tucker insists that he and Allison are still together.

Alan's dad sets Tucker, Alan, and Tommy to work helping him install central heating in a run-down church hall, for £5, and that's for all three of them to split. Tucker and Tommy hold out for more pay, but Alan's dad points out that (a) he's already paying them extra, and (b) if he pays them more, it'll endanger their dole cheques, and (c) he can't afford to put them on full-time, plus there'd be tax and national insurance headaches. So, Tucker and Tommy walk out; Alan chooses to stay with his dad.

Allison and Passmore have a fierce argument over her seeing Tucker, and Passmore hits Allison. They're both horrified, and Allison runs off in tears while Passmore simultaneously apologizes and threatens, saying it's her fault.

At the dole office, there's lots of expository dialogue about wasted time and the state of the future. Tucker lends a sympathetic ear to Reg, an old WWII vet and dole queue regular, who urges him to do something with his life. Another regular, Eddie, dismisses the old man as a loser. When asked what happened to his job, Eddie casually replies that he chucked it in. He's going to be a soldier of fortune instead!

Passmore shows up at the dole office and threatens Tommy, but Tucker and Alan surround him and Michelle gives as good as she gets telling her brother where to get off. After he leaves, Tucker and crew go out to see Tucker's motorbike, and find that Passmore has busted his headlamp!

Mr. Humphries agrees to "re-open negotiations" with Tucker and Tommy. He ups his offer to £2.50 each, but Tucker declines, and Tommy follows him out the door with a shrug. jump to top

episode 9 Allison avoids Tucker, who is trying to see her. She's sporting a huge black eye, courtesy of Passmore. Tucker even drops by her school, getting past the secretary with a story about him being her cousin there to take Allison for her German Measles shot, but upon meeting him in the hallway Allison refuses to talk to him. This is, though, the first glimpse he gets of her black eye. He waits for her after school, where she refuses to talk to him yet again, and he finally figures out that she got the black eye from Passmore. Tucker races off on his motorbike to challenge Passmore to a fight.

Michelle nags Tommy about money, complaining that they can't go out and do anything. She says she got a job at the bakery; apparently someone dropped out and she was next on the list. Tommy derides her entry-level job, which she defends vehemently, pointing out that there were 20 other applicants for the position.

Passmore and Tucker have their big showdown in the skate park (Passmore: "I'm going to enjoy this") in front of a crowd of kids. Meanwhile, Allison runs to get Alan and Tommy at the yard, and they race off to the rescue. Tucker puts in a gallant effort and even connects with a few good punches at first, but he's overpowered and beaten soundly. Alan and Tommy rush in to try and save him, and in the ensuing brawl are beaten back by Passmore and Brains. However, Allison sees and intervenes. In the heat of fighting, Passmore grabs hold of her arm and is about to strike her, and she says "go ahead. You've done it before." Passmore controls himself, barely, and storms off with Brains.

Allison breaks it off with Tucker, in part because of the fighting. Mr. Humphries raises his offer for the church heating job to £4 each, which Tucker and Tommy accept.

At the dole office, Tommy sees Michelle with another young man, so that relationship is obviously over as well. Tucker says to Alan and Tommy that they have "no birds, no jobs, and no prospects." And that's when three pretty young girls ask for their help signing on.

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