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tucker's luck episode guide, series 3 (1985)

spoiler alert! This episode guide contains key plot developments, both for individual episodes of Tucker's Luck and the overall series storyline. Such plot giveaways are commonly known as "spoilers." So, if you don't want to know what happens, read no further!

tucker's luck series 3 opening credits The guitar-and-horn-driven, jazz-rock theme music accompanies stop-motion scenes from Tucker Jenkins' day: Tucker grabbing a gulp of tea before saying goodbye to his mum and little sister, his motorbike parked in front of the flat, tower blocks, graffiti, the Job Centre, Alan meeting him for tea in a chip shop and drinking most of it, and Tucker on foot, coveting cars. The Tucker's Luck script superimposes on Tucker's face looking bemused. Additional freeze-frames include the Farrow Leisure Centre, Ealing College, Tucker in the pool, and Natalia.

episode 19 The Jenkins family has a wedding to go to, but Mr. Jenkins is very late home from work. Mrs. Jenkins tries to track him down at work, but she's told that he left on time. Tucker gets the boutonnieres from the florist and goes on ahead to the church; only his mum and Rhona turn up in the cab. Tucker catches up with some old friends, one of whom is now a self-employed decorator on an "enterprise allowance thing" that pays 40 quid a week for 52 weeks. Tucker looks thoughtful, but points out that it's the fifty-third week that's the problem. Meanwhile, Mrs. Jenkins continues to try to locate Mr. Jenkins.

One of the bridesmaids is Tucker's friend Jackie, who is engaged to Brian, a right git. Tucker shares with her the fact that his courier service business ended abruptly when Stu, the only one with a motorbike, found "a proper job." The other bridesmaid is Natalia; Jackie makes the introductions. (Tucker: "Never known a Natalia." Natalia: "Snap; I've never known a Tucker.") In making small talk, Natalia tells Tucker that she wants a life before marriage. She wonders if she'll ever get married. When Tucker says "most girls do," she replies "I don't think I'm like most girls." Tucker and Natalia hit it off despite his sister's incessant whining, his dad's absence, and his mum's sudden disappearance after the meal. Natalia even seems to like Rhona.

Tucker takes Rhona home, where they find their mum in the upstairs bedroom sobbing over a note: Mr. Jenkins has left for another woman. jump to top

episode 20 Mrs. Jenkins is on the verge of a breakdown. Tucker walks Rhona to school (oddly, not Grange Hill!) and does the shopping. On his way home, he runs into Alan, who is mooning over a record shop girl. Tucker encourages him to ask her out. They chat about their dads.

Over coffee, Alan talks about job opportunities out of town, in Devon. "You move from here, and you'll pass the rest of 'em coming this way," Tucker says. Tommy is mentioned as thinking of joining the merchant navy. The record shop girl turns Alan down, so he wanders to the Farrow Leisure Centre, where he asks about joining a judo class (he was good at judo at Grange Hill). The cashier suggests badminton or volleyball. At home, Tucker tries to stop his mum from burning his dad's best suit, and makes some phone calls to track down his older brother, Barry. He later goes leaves a message with Barry's friend Bill, before picking up Rhona at school and returning home. There's a letter from the college: the admissions counselor wants to see him.

In the dole queue, Tucker tells Alan he has an appointment at the college at half-six, and a date with Natalia at seven. Alan tells Tucker he changed his mind about the record shop girl. Walking back, Tucker and Alan think of ways to get in touch with Barry.

At the college, Tucker learns that, due to increased competition for places at the college, he needs to get two O-Levels, in English and Maths, to keep his position in the printing technology course in Fall. The counselor encourages the downcast Tucker, saying that it shouldn't be hard for him to get the qualifications. Meanwhile, Natalia is waiting in the rain by the movie theatre. By the time Tucker gets out of his meeting, and runs all the way to the theatre, she's gone. jump to top

episode 21 Tucker and Alan are still looking for Barry. They walk past Natalia's house, and Tucker tries to talk to her but she gives him the cold shoulder. The next morning, Tucker drops Rhona off at school, and complains to his mum about having to take care of his little sister. Mrs. Jenkins wants to try to contact Barry, to touch him for cash, rather than sign on for the dole.

On his way to the Job Centre, Tucker spots a man with a sandwich board. On the front it says "JOB AND A PLACE TO LIVE WANTED, ANYTHING CONSIDERED" and on the back it says "IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR IN 1985?" After the Job Centre, he stops at a printer's shop to inquire about having postcards made up, but he can't afford it. The printer seems a friendly chap, though, so Tucker ventures to ask him for a job, but is told "only if you'll work for free."

Tucker picks up Rhona and they go to the Leisure Centre pool, where Rhona has to don a mask to get into the men's changing room so Tucker can look after her. They meet a young Black man there, who, in the pool, performs a backflip for Rhona. He accidentally nearly hits a skinhead, who calls his mate over. The mate shoves Rhona into the pool, causing a stir. In the changing room, Tucker and Rhona meet the young Black man again, who is hiding. He introduces himself as Matthew Clarke, "stuntman and coward." The two skinheads enter (one wearing a British flag swimsuit!), and there's a wonderful locker-room punch-up, during which Rhona helps Tucker lock one of the skinheads in a closet. Tucker, Rhona, and Matthew leave, and Matthew invites Tucker to a disco where he knows the bouncer. Alan comes up the stairs too, sopping wet, and claims to have been in the sauna (but a sign says it's "Ladies Only" today). Before Tucker can follow up, he spots Natalia. He leaves Rhona with "Uncle Alan," and follows Natalia into the snack bar, where he apologizes, badly, and invites her to the disco.

Meanwhile, at the Jenkins flat, a mystery man knocks on the front door. He is wearing a flash shirt, a gold bracelet, and white loafers. The camera follows his shoes to his car, a red Ford Capri with green flames. He obviously waits there, because later, when Mrs. Jenkins comes home, he tootles his musical car horn and she recognizes him with a broad smile.

When Tucker and Rhona return home, the man is in the flat, making a telephone call. Tucker and Rhona are surprised to see him, and as he turns we see his face for the first time. "Well," he says, "aren't you going to say hello to your big bruvver then?" jump to top

episode 22 Barry is making himself at home in the Jenkins flat, monopolizing the bathroom, displacing Rhona from her bedroom, and foisting all the babysitting off on Tucker. Mrs. Jenkins announces she has a temporary job as a receptionist. Barry is cagey about his "business," which he insists is a legitimate import/export business. Tucker and Mrs. Jenkins are skeptical. Barry later gives £200 to Mrs. Jenkins toward the housekeeping.

Tucker's motorbike is still clapped out, so Barry gives him a lift to the Leisure Centre where they play snooker and discuss the future. They meet Matthew and Alan (who is working out with weights!); Alan reveals that Uncle Vic is having no luck selling the business and they may have to declare bankruptcy. He agrees to come to the disco, anyway, and when Natalia walks by, she says to Tucker that she'll be there.

At a petrol station, Tucker walks in just as the cashier, after a loud row, walks out. Tucker asks the owner if he can have a job, and the station owner, Mr. Choudhury, replies "can you start now?" So Tucker has employment, cash-in-hand, eight-hour shifts. When his shift ends, he runs home to get ready for his date with Natalia.

Opening the front door, he trips over one of several boxes stacked in the hall. They are a delivery of hi-fi equipment for Barry's business; Rhona has used them to build a room of her own in the foyer and won't come out.

Tucker goes to the disco where he finds Alan sucking despondently on his beer. Matthew introduces Tucker to his sister Irene. No one has seen Natalia. On the dance floor, Tucker encounters Jackie, who says she thinks Natalia went to a movie. Tucker sits with Alan and moans about naff jobs, naff discos, and unapproachable women. Tucker says that at least at school, you could talk to the girls, and there's a flashback to Grange Hill, with a tiny chubby-cheeked Tucker spanging an elastic band at Trisha Yates.

Having waited long enough, Tucker tries to chat up Irene with no luck, much to Alan's amusement.

Natalia finally turns up, having gone to a movie first. She admits that she did so partly to wind him up, but it wasn't a good movie. Tucker asks if she'd like a drink, and she says she isn't thirsty yet. Tucker says "let's get thirsty then," and they head in to the dance floor.

After the dance, as they leave the disco, Matthew goes by in his van, waving and whooping. Natalia looks after him crossly, and when Tucker describes Matthew as a bit mad, but a good fellow, she replies that she doesn't like mad people. Anyway, they walk and talk, and the episode closes with a nice long kiss. jump to top

episode 23 At the garage, Sunil, a fellow cashier and Mr. Choudhury's nephew, tells Tucker that selling inflated receipts is a way to make some extra money, but Tucker refuses. Tucker asks Mr. Choudhury about buying parts to fix his motorbike. After work, Tucker and Natalia get together on her parents' couch.

Tucker gets home late (or early). Barry is up, and chats with Tucker. Tucker shows him a vending machine photo strip of him and Natalia, and Barry is impressed with her. He warns Tucker to be very careful. "I am careful," Tucker replies. "All you need is 50p and you're out of trouble."

The next morning, Mrs. Jenkins tells Tucker that Rhona must stay with him at the garage after school. At the garage, Alan and Tucker chat. The tax collector's been to Alan's house with the bailiff, but he didn't let them in. They talk about Tucker's dad; Tucker feels he won't be coming home. Then, they talk about Natalia. Tucker says she's going for 6 A-levels: double maths, science, physics, sex, and cuddles. Alan asks if she's going to pass all six, and Tucker replies that she certainly passed two. Their chat is interrupted by a woman who wants a car wash token. The car wash doesn't work, though, so Tucker has to go out and kick the machine to make it start.

Mrs. Jenkins drops off Rhona. Mr. Choudhury comes in and doesn't approve of Rhona being there, an attitude she validates by wandering out and getting stuck in the car wash.

At home, Tucker, Barry, and Mrs. Jenkins argue loudly over who should watch Rhona, while Rhona listens in from the stairs. Barry warns Tucker that the dole office could find out about the garage job, and adds that it's not getting him closer to going into printing. Mrs. Jenkins demands that Tucker quit his job and look after Rhona. Tucker checks on Rhona, who has quickly scampered back upstairs, then goes out carrying a box with the part he needs to fix his motorbike. His bike repaired, he takes a victory lap around the parking lot before heading out to the Leisure Centre to meet Natalia.

Natalia urges Tucker to keep working toward his O-Levels. Tucker asks Matthew if he'd be interested in taking over the garage job. Matthew is game, so they go to the garage to make the pitch. "It's all the rage now," Tucker says to Mr. Choudhury. "Flexible rostering, work sharing ..." Mr. Choudhury is doubtful, and postpones a decision for a week or two.

Meanwhile, at home, Barry is washing his Capri when Rhona runs her bike into it, breaking the wing mirror and scratching the door. He grabs her by the arm and yells at her. Later, he apologizes as she wanders through the living room clutching a large stuffed bear. He's sorting through videocassettes for the market, and Rhona asks him if the stuff he sells is nicked. He denies it vehemently. But, when Rhona tells him there's a policeman at the door for him, he scrambles to hide everything in an outside storeroom.

The "policeman" turns out to be Mr. Wilson, a security guard at the factory where Mr. Jenkins worked. His wife is the woman who ran off with their father. Tucker and Natalia barge in, and Natalia, sensing tension, excuses herself and leaves. Mr. Wilson shows Tucker and Barry a postcard he's received from their father and his wife, from Scarborough in Yorkshire. They agree to keep in touch, and to not tell Mrs. Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins comes in as Mr. Wilson leaves.

Later, Tucker and Alan share a laugh at a pub over Barry's reaction when he thought the Old Bill was at the door. Barry bursts, in, having been looking for them all over. Rhona's gone missing! jump to top

episode 24 Tucker and Alan search for Rhona in Barry's Capri. A policewoman talks to Mrs. Jenkins and radios in a missing child report. The Inspector arrives as Barry, Tucker, and Alan return, and the Inspector recognizes Barry from Barry's dodgy dealings. He tells them they're treating Rhona's disappearance seriously because they have some suspicions about a man in a red Vauxhall Cavalier. The search continues long into the night.

It occurs to Tucker that Rhona may be with Natalia, so he goes to her house. Mrs. Gordon reluctantly lets him in, and Natalia comes downstairs, irritated. But, when she hears that Rhona's gone missing, she accompanies Tucker back to the Jenkins flat to lend her support.

In the Jenkins kitchen, Alan asks Natalia about her and Tucker, as he'd never thought a girl like her would go for "dole boys like me an' 'im." She calmly replies, "Maybe I like dole boys."

In the living room, the Inspector is asking Mrs. Jenkins questions, and she tells him that her husband left five weeks ago. Tucker is compelled to share that he and Barry met with Mr. Wilson, the husband of the woman their father had gone off with, and he (Mr. Wilson) had received a postcard from them (Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. Wilson) postmarked in Scarborough. Suspicion falls on Mr. Wilson, and Barry and Tucker tear out of the room, knocking into Natalia who's just entering with a tray of hot coffee, and drive off before the police can stop them.

They burst furiously into Mr. Wilson's house ... and Rhona's not there. Tucker, Barry, and Mr. Wilson settle down over a cuppa tea and discuss how Rhona might be trying to get to Scarborough. They're interrupted by the police, who bust in and take over.

Barry rousts Billy out of bed and sets him and his trucker buddies to working the truck stops between London and Scarborough.

Tucker appreciates Natalia's support, and tells her he loves her, but she doesn't want their relationship to be rushed. After Tucker takes Natalia home, he and Barry decide to drive to Scarborough to look for Rhona themselves. They have to stop for petrol, though, first. Tucker spies two small, still legs sticking out from an abandoned box. His horror turns to relief when he discovers that it's Rhona, asleep.

It turns out that she had gone to the garage to apologize to Tucker about getting stuck in the car wash, and had fallen asleep waiting for him. So, all is well.

Barry, Alan, and Tucker step outside into the early morning light. They're momentarily perplexed by the fact that Barry's Capri isn't there, then the penny drops. Barry wails "somebody's nicked my motor!" But, when Barry tells this to the Inspector, the Inspector breaks down with hearty guffaws. jump to top

episode 25 Tucker, Natalia, and her friends are playing "Dungeons and Dragons." Natalia is "Tamara" and Tucker is "Voltran." They're attacked by ten Orcs! The group ponders the next move. Tucker suggests "Voltran nuts the nearest Orc." They all look at him in bemusement.

Later, at Natalia's door, she chews him out over his behavior, which also apparently included suggesting that Voltran and Tamara go off for a quick one. He replies that it's a fantasy game, and that was his fantasy. "Like going to college?" Natalia says, bitterly.

The next morning at the Jenkins flat, Mrs. Jenkins is in the kitchen reading a letter from her husband. He's enclosed £50, and is in Leeds now. Tucker and Barry are at the breakfast table, and the three discuss the situation. Rhona comes in, and asks when her father is coming home. They send her off to get ready for school; Barry urges his mum to see a solicitor, a suggestion Rhona overhears. So the truth dawns on her. After Rhona leaves for school, Mrs. Jenkins announces that she's going to burn the money. Barry and Tucker both grab it, and it tears in half. Mrs. Jenkins surveys the ripped note, and cries "that's what he's done to us."

Barry and Tucker accompany Mrs. Jenkins to a Legal Aid Scheme solicitor's office. While waiting, Mrs. Jenkins plans to get a proper job, and worries about all the boxes for Barry's "business." Barry promises to shift them as soon as he has his motor back. After she goes in to see the solicitor, Barry and Tucker discuss the chances of finding Barry's stolen car, which aren't good.

At the petrol station, Mr. Choudhury checks the till at the end of Tucker's shift, and finds that it's short by £6 cash. He tells Tucker it'll have to come out of his pay packet, and Tucker threatens to bring the home office down if it does. He figures Mr. Choudhury is fiddling the books as well as taking advantage of his off-the-books workers. Mr. Choudhury relents.

Natalia and Gill are at the Leisure Centre, playing billiards, poorly. Matthew offers to teach Natalia how to play without "firing balls all 'round the room." She refuses, brusquely.

In the Leisure Centre snack bar, Tucker joins Gill and Natalia. Natalia is doing four A-levels. Gill asks Tucker if he's coming to the next dungeons gathering, and he says no: "It's more of a four A-level thing." Matthew and Alan come by, and Natalia drives them away by being rude. Gill goes off, too, leaving Tucker alone with Natalia. Tucker shows her a letter from the grants people, saying that he's not eligible for a discretionary grant. Natalia urges him to pursue them and show them he deserves a grant by putting forth more effort.

So, while Barry scours the streets with Billy looking for his stolen car, Tucker tries to do some work at the library. He's out of place in his scruffy leather jacket, and is easily distracted by a girl walking by.

Later at the Leisure Centre pool, Tucker gripes to Alan and Matthew about the difficulties of having fun while being skint. Then, he's forced to admit to Natalia that he wrote only one page of notes, and she angrily shoves him into the pool and storms off. Tucker, Alan, and Matthew later see her and Gill in the snack bar, chatting beamily with two young men. Alan is ready to fight, but Tucker says "just leave it."

That night, Natalia stops by the petrol station to apologize to Tucker. She wants him to work harder for himself. Tucker asks her why she doesn't like Matthew, and she admits that he frightens her.

"Because he's black?" Tucker asks her.

"I can't help it," she says.

"Funny enough, you can," Tucker says. "Maybe you have one or two lessons to learn as well as me."

As they're making up, a familiar horn sounds outside - the distinctive horn of Barry's stolen car! Tucker runs out to confront the driver of a blue Capri, who drives away, but not before Tucker's ascertained that the car is Barry's, stripped down and re-sprayed. jump to top

episode 26 Tucker is working the night shift at the petrol station, while Matthew plays with the forecourt loudspeaker system. The next shift arrives, 20 minutes late, and Tucker wants an hour's wages off him. The kid shrugs in a careless sort of way, and says he's already in the hole because the till was £10 short on his shift for the second time. Tucker suspects that the boss is on the fiddle and advises him to "keep an eye on His Lordship."

In the forecourt, Matthew teases Tucker about reading Jane Austen for his English O-level. Tucker says "I'll tell you summink. She could teach that Harold Robbins a thing or two."

Meanwhile, Mrs. Jenkins is in the front room of the flat, disconsolately looking through a guide to undefended divorce. She tells Barry that DHSS can trace their father through his National Insurance records, then she can get a court order to get money out of him, but she's overwhelmed by "all this court business." Barry urges her to go forward, planting the blame squarely on his father. Then, he goes out to search for his stolen Capri.

Tucker shows up at Natalia's house, where her father gruffly informs her that she's out with friends.

The next day, Alan is out walking when he spots a strangely familiar Capri, but it's blue with stripes. A police Panda is parked across the street, and Alan goes to the officer and tells him that the Capri is stolen. When the cop tries to approach the Capri, the driver drives away, with the police in hot pursuit.

Alan goes to the Jenkins house and reports these events to Barry (who now has Billy with him). Barry says it's a gang called the "Blue Flash." They're hopeful that Barry's car will be recovered.

Tucker confronts Natalia, Gill, and Jim in a parking lot, and demands to know where she was last night. She makes excuses, and archly blames Tucker for not letting her know that he'd be calling. At lunch, she has a date to play squash. Tucker recognizes Jim from the dungeons game and the pool. "Jim swims for Essex," Natalia says, glowing.

"Slow way of getting there," Tucker says. "I'd prefer to drive, meself."

"Maybe when you pass your test and get a car, you'll be able to," Natalia says. As she walks away with Gill and Jim, she throws Tucker a bone: "See you at 5:00."

Barry, Billy, and Alan return to the Jenkins flat, angry at having learned that the police lost the chase. Barry's Capri is still missing and Barry is fuming.

Tucker goes to the North West London Education Authority to check on his grant application. It's missing, and he gets the runaround until he has to leave to make his English O-level class. Presumably he decides to fill out and submit another application.

Alan intercepts him and fills him in on recent events with Barry's car. But the reason he was looking for Tucker in the first place, is that Uncle Vic may have found a buyer for his Dad's business. There may even be a couple hundred quid left after everything is settled up, so he'll be heading to Devon next week. Tucker is pleased for his friend, and says he'll arrange a farewell send-off. Then he goes to his class.

Natalia is playing squash with Jim. Tucker arrives and settles in on a bench to watch. He spies a photo strip of Natalia and Jim, and the penny drops. He dejectedly gathers his stuff and leaves. Natalia sees him leaving and gives chase, briefly. As she returns to her game, she spots the photo set on the bench, and realizes that Tucker knows about her and Jim.

Tucker goes home to mope in the kitchen, where Barry is using a map to trace the gang's movements. He figures that the gang must be using the neighborhood as a base, so his Capri must still be in the area.

Tucker goes to a pub, alone, instead of meeting Natalia. Then, he goes to work. The previous shift, Sunil, tells him that he just missed His Lordship. The till has been emptied and there's nothing in it but the float. Tucker finds a book of accounts that Mr. Choudhury left behind, and leafs through it. Then, intrigued, he starts going through the till.

Natalia arrives at the window to talk, saying she doesn't want to "leave it the way it is." Tucker sighs and lets her in. He knows he's being dumped, and they talk awkwardly. Matthew comes in, and twigs that Tucker and Natalia are having a row. "No. We're breaking up," Tucker says. "Her idea." Natalia gets snippy and angry, and lashes out at Matthew with a crude, racist slur. Tucker demands to know what she meant, and Matthew reluctantly interprets the comment (something about coconuts). Natalia leaves, in a huff, leaving Matthew and Tucker in the kiosk. Tucker asks Matthew if he knew that Natalia was a racist all along, and Matthew says he didn't tell Tucker because she was his girlfriend.

Mr. Choudhury ("His Lordship") drives up, and Tucker confronts him with the second set of books. He informs him that the float was £10 short. Mr. Choudhury challenges Tucker to go to the police; he can't or he'll get in trouble for moonlighting. So, Tucker shoves him into the car wash and turns it on. As he's pummeled by soapy brushes, Mr. Choudhury fires him, and Tucker says "yeah. All washed up!" jump to top

episode 27 Tucker is in class. The lecture is about Macbeth, but his mind is on Natalia. When class ends, the lecturer calls Tucker aside; he wasn't taking notes, and the lecturer is concerned for him. Tucker rolls his eyes, but the lecturer keeps after him, reminding him that time is running out and he can't afford to waste it as he's got catching up to do.

At home, Barry is shouting on the phone, something about a business deal. Barry lashes out at Tucker for quitting his job. Mrs. Jenkins' temporary job ends this week, and the bills are piling up. Tucker and Barry argue fiercely. Later, Barry goes out to look for his car, while Tucker mopes in his bedroom doing homework. His mum comes in and reassures Tucker that he's more the "man of the house" than Barry is.

At the dole office, Tucker is sent to the supervisor, who quizzes him about "Vincent's College." He readily admits that he's taking classes to get his O-levels. But, to qualify for unemployment, he has to be "available to work." If the coursework is more than 20 hours a week, which it is when homework time is considered, it's considered a full-time course of study and he doesn't qualify for the dole. When Tucker gets argumentative, the supervisor reminds him that they could prosecute and recover all monies paid over the last four weeks, plus a fine. Tucker falls back in his chair, defeated. "All this is news to me," he says plaintively. The supervisor encourages him to get a grant to live on, which he's been trying to do. Otherwise, he'll have to be dropped from the dole. If he drops the classes, however, he'd be considered "available to work" and his unemployment benefits would be restored.

Tucker goes to see his lecturer, who is familiar with the "20-Hour Rule." After giving Tucker the official answers (get a grant, get the parents to step in, make a choice), he softens and suggests an unofficial option: drop the course to qualify for the dole, but keep attending the lectures. He warns Tucker to sit at the back, so as not to be noticed. "Caught sneaking in to lessons," Tucker says. "A coupla years ago, I wouldn't have believed it."

Tucker follows up on his grant application, and learns that now he has two applications on file, which confuses matters even further. The clerk can't give him any information about how much he might be offered or when, so he storms upstairs, barges in on two clerks in an office, and demands to know who's in charge. It's a Mr. Moriarty, but he's away. Tucker finds out that Mr. Moriarty drives a new S-registration Escort, and apparently decides to stake out Mr. Moriarty's car in order to speak to him directly. After Tucker leaves, the other clerk, who's been casting sidelong glimpses at him, tells the first clerk that she was at school with him. It's Trisha Yates!

Tucker arrives back at the Jenkins flat in time to join Barry going off with his muscle, Billy and Dino. They've tracked down Barry's car, and they're going to get "Harris," who heads the car-theft ring. They drive down a derelict alley and break into a seemingly abandoned warehouse where Billy and Dino ambush two of Harris' mechanics. They beat the Capri's whereabouts out of them, and set off again. Meanwhile, Harris and a henchman are alongside the tracks, pouring gasoline on the Capri. Barry, Billy, Tucker, and Dino arrive. There's a confrontation, and one of the best fight sequences of the series as Harris and his henchman give Barry, Tucker, and friends more than they can handle for a while. But, righteousness triumphs and Barry orders Harris to put his Capri back the way it was. They take Harris' Mercedes as "security."

Later, at the Leisure Centre, Tucker finds Alan working out with weights. They discuss Alan's "leaving drink." Alan is reluctant, but Tucker reassures him. "It's a break with the past," Tucker says. "It deserves celebrating. We're on the next phase now."

Tucker stakes out Mr. Moriarty's car in the parking lot, and intercepts him. Tucker introduces himself, and Mr. Moriarty is sympathetic but firm: despite appearances, the system is on the move all the time, and Tucker must have patience. Tucker pleads with him, and Mr. Moriarty, his own patience wearing thin, tells him "you're just wasting your time." To which Tucker sighs "I know. That's why I want to get my next course."

It's all to no avail. Mr. Moriarty turns the ignition key to drive away, and - click click - his car battery is dead.

Tucker gives him a push start, after which Mr. Moriarty (saying that one good deed deserves another) takes down Tucker's name and address and promises to check on his grant applications personally the next day. Then, he drives off, leaving Tucker in the parking lot by the staff exit. Trisha Yates comes out, and this time Tucker recognizes her. They banter a bit. (Tucker: "You've changed." Trisha: "Well I had to. The school uniform doesn't fit any more." Tucker, with a twinkle: "Shoulda kept wearing it.") They keep talking as they walk.

Tucker tells Trisha he's trying to get on a printing course. "Why, joined-up writing too hard for you is it?" she says. Tucker grimaces and invites her out tomorrow night. She agrees, saying she's also free tonight. Tucker invites her to Alan's leaving drink, promising her a "right boozer." She demurs, but asks if tomorrow is still open. Tucker smiles, and the credits for the very end of Tucker's Luck roll as Tucker and Trisha walk side by side out the parking lot. jump to top

thoughts at the end (or, where does it go from here?) Does Tucker get on his printing course? Probably, although the printing industry went through some radical changes starting right about when he'd have finished his schooling and apprenticeship. So, the post-Tucker's Luck future likely would have been more of the same for our Tucker Jenkins - more re-training, more dealing with the system, more financial insecurity.

What about Tucker Jenkins and Trisha Yates? That relationship could've had possibilities; they shared enough of a past and certainly the chemistry was there all along. Trisha was perhaps a better match for Tucker than uptight Natalia or artsy Sarah. Still, one wonders if either would have learned how to handle a shared life without driving the other round the bend. Hard to say.

What of Tucker's friends? Well, Tommy joined the merchant navy so that could've been his career, although something about his character makes me think he wouldn't have stuck it out long enough to get a good pension out of it. As for Alan, well, more of the same for him too. He'd likely have gone to Devon and struggled, always chasing work.

It's all speculation, though, and that's where it ends.

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