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tucker's luck episode guide, series 2 (1984)

spoiler alert! This episode guide contains key plot developments, both for individual episodes of Tucker's Luck and the overall series storyline. Such plot giveaways are commonly known as "spoilers." So, if you don't want to know what happens, read no further!

tucker's luck series 2 opening credits The same music and stop-motion effects as series 1, but in full color this time. We see Tucker Jenkins in his morning routine (rinsing mouth, doing push-ups), and walking through the high street with his trademark leather jacket and red socks. He meets Alan at a chip shop, and Tommy at the betting shop. They run for a bus. The Tucker's Luck script comes up in either studs or rhinestones on leather, surrounded by a heart made of stars. The opening scene no longer includes an episode number superimposed as a title, and the closing credit music is faster.

episode 10 Michelle has gone away to holiday camp, and Passmore (looking preppie and acting friendly) winds up Tommy about it (and Tommy's new blow-dried coif) at a party before tossing a can of export lager to Tucker. Passmore's father is out of work, and he says his parents have given up on him but want better for Michelle. Mr. Humphries, Alan's father, has died, and Uncle Vic has moved into the house that now legally belongs to Alan, insisting he's there to help. Alan learns that his father's business has more debts than assets. Tucker and Alan see Creamy dossing in a car, and later in a Laundromat, which bothers Alan. Tommy runs bets for a gangster named Tony Bamford, and when Tony offers him money, Tommy cheekily turns it down, asking for a job instead. After a few tense moments, Tony relents, saying "maybe I can use you." When kids set a fire near the car hulk in which Creamy has been sleeping, Tucker lets Creamy stay on the floor in his room "for a few nights." jump to top

episode 11 Tucker's mum wants Creamy out of their flat. Tommy is working for Roy at one of Tony's market stalls, cheerily flogging questionable blue jeans. Tucker and Alan stop by and become suspicious about the jeans, but Roy moves them on. Passmore is stopped by two police officers. They ask him to open the bag he's carrying, and it's empty. They're about to take him in for questioning when Tucker, Alan, and Creamy walk by and convince them that Passmore has left his football kit in their car. The four stop for tea at the restaurant where Sarah and Susan work. Allison is mentioned as having an 25-year-old boyfriend with a BMW. Passmore has an angle on making money legally, "absolutely no sales," and hints that Tommy is falling in with bad company. Upon hearing that Sarah's mum may throw away Sarah's college artwork, Susan offers a loft as storage; Junior and Ade help her move her stuff, after Tucker fixes Junior's van, and Creamy later wrangles the loft as a place to flop. Stu, on crutches, asks Tucker to stand in for him at work or he'll lose his job. jump to top

episode 12 Tommy gets in deeper with Tony's operation, going to "the club" with his workmates instead of hanging out with Tucker. Tucker stands in for Stu as a motorcycle courier for Rocket Relay. Mr. Grayson runs the business out of a filthy trailer in the back of a junkyard, has no insurance, and is rude and demanding. Uncle Vic, a bricklayer, goes off to find work. Alan mopes around town until he's picked up by Junior, Ade, and Creamy, to help move Creamy into the loft. When Tucker runs Creamy home to pick up some tapes, Mr. and Mrs. Eames are having a fierce row. Tommy chats up Susan and Sarah. Idly strumming one of Creamy's guitars, Alan says he's always wanted to learn to play, and Creamy encourages him. Passmore, dressed in a suit, goes to see about the money-making opportunity. The group is trained by Geoff and Frank, and it's a scam about "demonstrating" for "market research purposes" a magnifying lens that fits over a television screen. Passmore is dubious. jump to top

episode 13 Alan buys a cheap guitar and a book, and everyone teases him but Creamy. Tommy wants to ask Sarah on a date, but Tucker has beaten him to it. Uncle Vic is still looking for work. Passmore and the other "market researchers" are taken to a block of council estates to "demonstrate" the television magnifier. Passmore susses that his employers are scamming residents of low-income areas, and feels like he's betraying his roots. Tucker delivers a package to an office employing Brian, a former classmate from Grange Hill, as a draftsman/trainee designer. Passmore is curiously picking apart his sample when Tucker invites him to hang out at Creamy's loft. Uncle Vic says he's found work. Sarah and Susan are painting a room; Creamy teaches Alan to play guitar and blows a fuse, which Tucker replaces. Passmore spots a television magnifier in one of the flats. He and Tucker confront Geoff, driving him off before sharing a hearty laugh. jump to top

episode 14 Tucker is slaving away for Rocket Relay. At Creamy's, the conversation turns to birds and Tommy's preference for the company at Tony Bamford's club. Tommy offers Tucker a double date at the club. Sarah has a waitressing job there, getting manhandled by customers, but she must share her tips with other employees. Creamy and Susan go shopping, and bicker like a married couple. Later, Creamy takes flowers to Mrs. Jenkins, who urges him to talk to his parents. Tucker complains to an unsympathetic Mr. Grayson about his workload. Later, driving like a lunatic to make a delivery, Tucker nearly runs down a small child. Shaken, he returns home and disconnects the dispatch radio - both he and Stu are now out of a job. Tommy's date at the club is Lisa; everyone shows up, much to Tommy and Tony's consternation. Tucker's surprise date is Susan. But, before dinner, Susan, Lisa, and Sarah leave with Alan and Creamy, leaving Tucker and Tommy alone at the club. jump to top

episode 15 Tucker and Creamy go to a construction job site seeking day work; they later encounter Uncle Vic there, whom the foreman chooses last in a cruel ritual repeated every morning. Alan comes by looking for work, but Tucker and Creamy guide him away so he doen't find out about Uncle Vic. Ade photographs one of Sarah's art pieces for her folder. With a good folder, she can get into a degree course without GCEs; Ade, Sarah, and Tucker discuss career opportunities that don't require exams. Ade, however, "cheated," as Sarah says: he has nine O-levels and three A-levels. Alan now can play rhythm guitar and is in a band with Creamy; at rehearsal, the keyboardist, Greg, is arrogant. Tucker becomes their "road manager" for an upcoming gig, partly to protect Alan. Sarah tips off Tucker that Tommy is joining Tony's gang in robbing a lorry of 16 gross of Shetland sweaters. Tucker and Alan go to Bamford's club, where Tucker loses a game of pool to a poser named Duke in order to overhear plans for the robbery. Roy, suspicious, confronts Tucker, and he and Alan leave. On their way out they encounter Tommy, who angrily and cynically defends his employer, telling Tucker to "go and bang your tambourine somewhere else." Tucker hatches a plan in which Creamy distracts the lorry driver (Lorry Driver: "Get lost!" Creamy, in a fake French accent: "Yes! I am lost!") and Junior gets the gang to push-start his van, while Tucker and Alan strip a wiring harness out of the getaway lorry. Unfortunately, Junior's van really dies, leaving Creamy without an escape. Junior rounds up Tucker and Alan, who run back to the lorry, which is now emptied of its cargo. Creamy lies badly beaten in the empty box, while Tommy sits morosely near the cab. Tommy and Tucker argue, and Tucker helps Creamy away, leaving Tommy behind. jump to top

episode 16 Tucker and Alan argue over Uncle Vic's plan to attend the band's performance, opening for "Exocet Missile." Alan thinks Uncle Vic is just showing up to put him down, but, in a conversation at the job site with Tucker, Uncle Vic turns out to be genuinely supportive and interested. He feels that Alan is the only family he has since his own children are with their mother in New Zealand. Also, Uncle Vic defends Creamy to the foreman, Hacking Jack, whom Uncle Vic knows as a crawler from previous jobs. The gig is in a real dive of a pub; Creamy makes a supper of snacks and feels sick. Uncle Vic shows up to applaud Alan. Tommy shows up too, somewhat sheepishly, but Tucker will have nothing to do with him so he slinks to an empty seat. The headlining band arrives late so Creamy's band, "1-2-3 Testing," can't do their sound checks and their performance sounds awful. Before their finale, the lead singer of the headlining band kicks them off the stage, and Tucker swings into action, confronting him, his band, and the crowd, triggering a huge melee. Tommy gets a bloody nose, and finds Creamy trapped in the restroom. He throws a long coat over Creamy, and gets him out "with style." jump to top

episode 17 Alan learns that Uncle Vic doesn't have a proper job, just day labor. They argue, then debate about how unemployment affects young people vs. older people. Alan says he's angry. Tucker is watching his mail for something. On the construction site with Uncle Vic and Creamy, Tucker requests protective headgear; Hacking Jack refuses. Moments later, a barrowful of bricks drops from the lift, and Tucker quits, demanding his pay. Hacking Jack sneers that he doesn't officially exist, so has no rights. Tucker threatens to bash Jack's car with a brick, and he and Creamy get paid off. Tommy unhappily signs on for the dole again, and tries to evade questions about his work history. Sarah is fired from Bamford's, more fallout from Tommy's guilt-by-association with Tucker and his mates. She announces that she's going away to college in Sheffield. Uncle Vic moves out of Alan's house, an event that Alan celebrates by lolling about on his bed. Tucker receives the post he's been waiting for, and barges in on Alan to announce it. Later, Tommy barges in on Alan to announce, horrified, that he's spotted Tucker going into a police station with a load of documents ... Tucker's going to be a copper! jump to top

episode 18 Tommy complains about Tucker joining the police. Junior shows Creamy his new van, announces that he's road manager for "Blah Blah Blah," a rock band, and offers Creamy the job of keyboard player for the tour. Creamy says no, but asks Junior to help him pick up a free piano. Tucker, in a suit and tie, goes to his interview, while Ade, Alan, and Tommy go to the cafe. Tommy figures out (to their applause) that Tucker's going to be a student at the college of technology. The documents he saw Tucker taking to the police station were Junior's papers for the van. At the college, Tucker quickly figures out what's wrong with an engine (the leads were in reverse order). He struggles through the essay and interview, but shows drive, and Martin, an admissions counselor, wants to accept him. Susan breaks up with Creamy, who decides to go on tour. To make money for college, Tucker forms a motorcycle dispatch company with Stu and Ade. Everyone gathers by the piano, which is stuck on the stairs. Junior concludes "Sarah's off to Sheffield, it's the open road for me and Creamy, Tucker's going to college, Ade can stay in college, and Stu's got his job back."

Tommy moans "Good luck to the lot of ya. But not all of us can form companies or go to college or even play in a band. So what happens to the rest of us? What are we left with?"

The episode – and the season – ends with everyone having a knees up on the street with Creamy playing the piano.

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