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key character list

spoiler alert! This cast and character reference could contain hints about key plot developments. Such plot giveaways are commonly known as "spoilers." So, if you don't want to know what happens, read no further!

the buddies (Peter) Tucker Jenkins: Todd Carty
Alan Humphries: George Armstrong
Tommy Watson (series 1 and 2): Paul McCarthy
(Christopher George) "Creamy" Eames, (series 2): Adam Kotz
Junior (series 2): Christopher Chittell
(Adrian) Ade, pronounced "Adee" (series 2): Stephen McFarlane
Stu (series 2): Glyn Grimstead
Matthew Clarke (series 3): Stephen Persaud
Billy Lawson, Barry's trucker friend (series 3): Philip Goodacre

the baddies Ralph Passmore, the local tough (series 1 and 2): Peter McNamara
Brains, one of Passmore's gang (series 1): Steven Brown
Tony Bamford, local gangster (series 2): Maurice O'Connell
Roy, market stall manager (series 2): Glen Murphy
Steve, another of Tony's market stall employees(12, 14, 15): Alfie Curtis
Mr. Grayson, owner of Rocket Relay (12, 13, 14): Barry Stanton
Geoff, television screen scam supervisor (12, 13): Frank Vincent
Frank, television screen scam supervisor (12, 13): Tony Guilfoyle
Hacking Jack, construction foreman (15, 16, 17): Farrell Sheridan
Mr. Choudhury, petrol station owner (series 3): Marc Zuber
Harris, head of "The Blue Flash," a car-stealing ring (27): Terry Walsh (a noted stuntman)
Henchman, Harris' associate (27): (Timothy) Tip Tipping (also a stuntman)
Mechanic, Harris' associate (27): Alan Talbot
Mechanic, Harris' associate (27): Dennis McGarry

the birds Susi McMahon (series 1): Linda Slater
Michelle Passmore (series 1): Elaine Lordan
Allison Powell (series 1): Gillian Freedman
Sarah Gill, waitress and art student (series 2): Lisa Geoghan
Susan Challis, waitress (series 2): Rebecca Calder
Lisa, bartender in Tony's club (series 2): Liz Anson
Natalia Gordon (series 3): Amanda Waring

the families Mrs. Jenkins, Tucker's mum: Hilary Crane
Rhona Jenkins, Tucker's 8-year-old sister (series 3): Joanne Palmer
Barry Jenkins, Tucker's 22-year-old brother, first mentioned in episode 7 (series 3): Neil Carrick
Mr. Humphries, Alan's dad, a building contractor (series 1): Peter Childs
Vic Humphries, Alan's uncle, a bricklayer (series 2): Ray Armstrong
Mrs. Watson, Tommy's mum (4): Shirley Stelfox
Debbie Watson, Tommy's younger sister (4): Beverley Braybon
Mr. Powell, Allison's dad, a driving instructor (series 1): Milton Johns
Mrs. Powell, Allison's mum (7): Gerrie Raymond
Mr. Eames (12): Antony Higginson
Mrs. Eames (12): Anne Ridler
Mrs. Gordon, Natalia's mum (24): Tessa Shaw
Mr. Gordon, Natalia's dad (26): Trevor St. John Hacker

Tucker Jenkins was one of the original students in Grange Hill, and "attended" from 1978-1982. From 1983-1985, we follow his life after leaving school, from age 17 to 19, in Tucker's Luck. Actor Todd Carty went on to play Mark Fowler in EastEnders for 12 years, taking a short break in 2002 to reprise his role as Tucker Jenkins in Grange Hill - by then an uncle to students Patrick "Togger" Johnson and Tim "Tigger" Johnson. Carty played baddie PC Gabriel Kent in The Bill.

It's always a bit surreal to see a child actor grow up on-screen, especially when one can flip back and forth between child and adult versions. jump to top

minor character list (episode numbers in brackets)

girls Mandy, Michelle's friend (1, 2): Sally Jane Jackson
Arguing Girl in the dole queue (1, 2): Sally Watkins
Girl in Record Shop (3): Sally Baxter
Anthea, Alan's party date (5): Cazz Scattergood
Girl in dole queue #1 (9): Cindy Day
Girl in dole queue #2 (9): Jane Forster
Girl in dole queue #3 (9): Holli Hoffman
Courier for Rocket Relay (14): Sharon Maiden
Jackie (19, 22): Frances Ruffelle
Record Shop Girl, object of Alan's desire (20): Jenny Jay
Gill, Natalia's friend (23, 25, 26): Sophie Brew
Trisha Yates (27): Michelle Herbert

guys Youth in Job Centre whom Michelle chats up (1): Richard Miles
Steve, Susi's boyfriend (3, 5): Neil Merryweather
Boy playing football (Passmore kicks his ball away), uncredited (5): Tim Polley
Merv the Swerve (7): David Squire
Eddie (8): Roger Monk
Brian Logan, a former classmate from Grange Hill (13): David Corti
Greg, full-of-himself keyboard player (15, 16): Duncan Gould
Lou, bass player (15, 16): Julian Littman
Joe, drummer (15, 16): Perry Fenwick
Duke, "the worst pool player ever" (15): Chris Davidson
Billy Fenn, lead singer for "Exocet Missile" (16): Daniel Webb
Bernie (19): Charlie Hawkins
Nigel (19): Brad Clayton
Brian, Jackie's fiance (19): Howard Selfe
Joey (19): John Wadmore
Best Man (19) Sean Gascoigne
Boy with Mask (21): Robin Walton
Skinhead #1 (21): Thomas Delmar
Skinhead #2 (21): Sean McCabe
Petrol Station Cashier (22): Reggae Ranjha
Bouncer at disco (22): Joe McLean
Sunil, Mr. Choudhury's nephew (23, 25, 26): Kulvinder Ghir
Jim, Natalia's new interest (25, 26) Mark Raymond
Dungeonmaster (25): Charley Boorman
Danny Keller, petrol station clerk (26): David Cheesman
Dino, Barry and Billy's muscle (27): Craig Fairbrass

grown-ups Medusa, the dole office worker (1, 2): Kim Clifford
Job Centre Receptionist (and I thought he was a counselor) (2): Davyd Harries
Cafe Proprietor (3): Susan Field
Fish & Chip Shop Owner (3, 9): John Blundell
Dole Supervisor (5):Elaine Heywood
Mystery party crasher, (6): Robert Hamilton
Mr. McPhee, the Jenkins' next-door neighbor (6): Alex McAvoy
Reg, an old man at the dole (8): James Ottaway
Manager of betting shop (8): Chris Ellison
Brookdale Girls School secretary (9): Joanna Palmer
Policeman #1 (11): Michael Jenner
Policeman #2 (11): Graham Cole
Woman in Market (11): Joan Harsant
Woman in Market (12): Norma Cohen
Old Age Pensioner, and Passmore's would-be "customer" (13): Keith Marsh
Old Man who lives below Sarah and Susan (13): Cameron Miller
Receptionist (14): Georgia Allen
Man in Supermarket (14): Stephen Churchett
Labourer (15): Stephen Gressieux
Lorry Driver (15) Bob Appleby
Department of Employment Official (17): Derina Dinkin
Taxi Driver (17): Larry Sheppard
Martin, college admissions counselor (18, 20): Norman Comer
Madge Cooper, a family friend (19): Jo Warne
Florist (19): Ron Copsey
Wedding Photographer (19): John Leeson (who was the voice of K-9 in Dr. Who)
Mr. Cooper (19): Desmond Barratt
Supermarket Cashier (20): Pat Pelton
Leisure Centre Cashier (20, 21): Joyce Windsor
Printer (21): Lawrence Lambert
Leisure Centre Lifeguard (21): Simon Crane (who was also a stuntman)
Car Wash Customer (23): Victoria Horton
Mr. Wilson, husband of the woman Tucker's dad ran off with (23, 24): Desmond McNamara
Policewoman (24): Carole Ruggier
Inspector (24): Trevor Cooper
Reporter (24): Sarah Nash
Receptionist at Legal Aid Office (25): Judy Collins
Policeman, (26) Gareth Milne (who also was a fight arranger and stuntman)
Clerk at Grants Office (26, 27): Jo Anderson
Secretary at Grants Office (26): Karen Corti
Dole Clerk (27): Sue Somerset
Supervisor at Dole Office (27): Carol Gillies
Typist at Grants Office (27): Fiona Freer
Mr. Moriarty, Head of Grants Department (27): Alec Linstead
Jim Holt, English O-levels lecturer (27): Edward Clayton jump to top

Cast & Character Connections

It's fun to play degrees-of-separation by keeping an eye out for actors in various roles. In some cases, the character itself is a cross-over; after all, Tucker's Luck was an extension of the Grange Hill universe. In other cases, two different characters are played by the same actor, often years apart. This section will grow as more cast and character connections are spotted!

grange hill Todd Carty: Tucker Jenkins in both shows
George Armstrong: Alan Humphries in both shows
Paul McCarthy: Tommy Watson in both shows
Hilary Crane: Mrs. Jenkins in both shows
Linda Slater: Susi McMahon, Alan's love interest, in both shows
Michelle Herbert: Trisha Yates, in a flashback in Episode 22, and in the final episode
Tim Polley: an uncredited bit part in Episode 5 playing football, Stephen Banks
Peter Childs: Mr. Humphries, a fireman

eastenders Todd Carty: Tucker Jenkins, Mark Fowler #2
Elaine Lordan: Michelle Passmore (series 1), Lynne Slater/Hobbs
Shirley Stelfox: Mrs. Watson (4), Jane Healy (Mel's mum)
Perry Fenwick: Joe (15, 16), Billy Mitchell
Craig Fairbrass: Dino (27), Dan Sullivan

the bill Todd Carty: Tucker Jenkins, PC Gabriel Kent
Lisa Geoghan: Sarah Gill, PC Polly Page
Paul McCarthy: Tommy Watson, Mike Phipps
Peter McNamara: Ralph Passmore, Brian Ferguson
Adam Kotz: Creamy Eames, Michael Lambert
Chris Elliot: Manager of betting shop (8), DI Frank Burnside
Graham Cole: Policeman #2 (11), PC Tony Stamp
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