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I am neither young (any more) nor poor (relatively speaking) nor even British. I'm the right age, though, having been a student through the mid-1980s.

So, what's going on here? Why should I, of all people, set up a Tucker's Luck website?

Primarily because I have a soft spot for stuff like Tucker's Luck, a peculiar mix of nostalgia-by-proxy, historical interest, and schadenfreude. It's the same soft spot that has, at various times, driven interests in the American Civil War, vintage timepieces, World War II naval campaigns, and 1950s suburbia.

Unlike those other interests, though, I lived through the 1980s, and remember it well. As an avid student of pop culture, I find it fascinating to see views of the 80s from outside my own experience. I enjoy seeing mid-1980s Britain as portrayed in contemporary popular culture. Sociological babble aside, it's just plain fun to see the fashions and angst of my youth translated to the other side of the Atlantic. In other words, my nostalgia is personal. It's more about the time than the show itself.

Also, there's a geek element at play here. Most of the things that interest me, especially the TV shows, already have tons of great website resources; it would be all but impossible to do anything significantly better or different, especially considering that I have very little time for this. But, when I went searching for information about Tucker's Luck, I turned up very little.

Aha, I thought, an opportunity to set loose my inner fan-geek in a less-populated area. And, the chance to create something that could be useful to someone else searching for information about Tucker's Luck. Yes, all 22 of them, although now you're here that makes 23.

For which I thank you. jump to top

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