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Peter "Tucker" Jenkins is a working-class youth living in a council estate in London in the mid-1980s. Tucker recently graduated from secondary school (see Grange Hill), which gave him a so-called comprehensive education but no real job skills. Furthermore, he lacks the academic qualifications to go further in his schooling or land a good job. So, like thousands of other young people at the time, he's unemployed and on the dole. The stories in Tucker's Luck revolve around Tucker Jenkins and two friends from school, Alan Humphries and Tommy Watson, and their attempts to get by, day by day, eager for work but always short of money and qualifications. jump to top


Tucker's Luck was created by Phil Redmond, and ran on BBC 2 from 1983-1985. There were three series of nine half-hour episodes each, for a total of 27 episodes. Tucker's Luck starred Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins, George Armstrong as Alan Humphries, and Paul McCarthy as Tommy Watson. The theme music was composed by Alan Hawkshaw. jump to top


07 October 2016 A belated thank you to Kevin S., who has a simpler theory about the mysterious "e-mail" line in Episode 16. Read about it on the 1980s page.

21 September 2015 A huge (and hugely belated) thank you to Andy Reid, who provided lots of great information about Tucker's motorcycle, now on the FAQ page.

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